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Bionet Enhanced Multi-Parameter Portable Veterinary Monitor, BM5Vet

Bionet Enhanced Multi-Parameter Portable Veterinary Monitor, BM5Vet

Regular Price$4,383.00
Sale Price$3,481.00
BrandBionet Corporation
Item CodeBN-BM5Vet
ManufacturerBionet USA
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Bionet Enhanced Multi-Parameter Portable Veterinary Monitor, BM5Vet

Bionet Enhanced Multi-Parameter Portable Veterinary Monitor, BM5Vet

Enhanced Multi-Parameter Portable Veterinary Monitor with ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Resp, 2IBP, 2Temp, EtCO2.(Temperature, Invasive Blood Pressure and EtCO2 are additional cost options)

10.4" High Quality Color Monitor, 58mm Built-in Printer, Built-in Rechageable Battery, 120 Hours Memory Capacity, 6 Traces, ST Analysis, PVC Count, Full Arrythmia Package, Individual Sweep Speed per Parameter, 20 x 10sec alarms saved, Multiple Display Mode and Free Lifetime Software(Firmware) Upgrades.

BM5Vet The BM5Vet boasts 2 IBP modules, 2 temperature modules and EtCO2 (your choice of Main Stream or Side Stream) on top of ECG, Respiration, NIBP and SpO2. Its 10.4 color TFT screen displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition and enables you to monitor your patient clearly even the most difficult lighting conditions.

Superior Advantages
  • Multiple Display Modes Available
  • ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration and Temperature 10.4" color TFT Monitor
  • Individual sweep speed setting for each parameter Multiple display modes
  • Remembers your settings
  • Industry’s longest warranty - 4 Years!
Extendible Parameters
  • Mainstream/Sidestream CO2
  • 2 IBP and 2 Temperatures
  • Can add EtCO2 at any time
Enhanced Data Management
  • 120 full hours of trend data are stored
  • 20 cases * 10 sec alarm waveform are stored
  • Includes B-Link software for data collection
High-performance Measurement
  • ST level, PVC count real-time display
  • 13 kinds of Arrhythmia Analysis
  • Very low-perfusion SpO2 measurement
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery allows cordless use for up to 2 hours
BM5Vet Main Unit, 3 Lead All in one ECG Cable(Alligator Type), SpO2 Sensor and Extension Cable, NIBP Infant Cuff, NIBP Neonate Cuffs(x5), NIBP Extension Tube, Chart Paper(x2), Power Adaptor & Power Cord, Operation Manual, B-Link(Automated Record Keeping Software) and 4 Year Warranty Card.

CAPNOSTAT 5 Mainstream CO2 Sensor by Respironics® & Airway Adapters, LOFLO Sidestream CO2 Sensor by Respironics® & Airway Adapters, 5 Lead All in one ECG Cable, Temperature Probe(Rectal or Skin) and IBP Accessories

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