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Brymill Cryogenic Apertures, *select one

Brymill Cryogenic Apertures, *select one

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BrandBrymill Cryogenic
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Brymill Cryogenic Aperture, BRY-101-AA

*Open sprays are primarily used to treat cutaneous lesions. They should be selected based on the size and type of lesion.All Brymill apertures, spray extensions & adapters, and cryochambers are fully autoclavable.
Brymill Cryogenic Aperture BRY-101AA 102

Available Models
  • 101-AA, Advanced Acne Aperture
  • 102-A, Aperture - A (0.04in.)
  • 102-B, Aperture - B (0.031in.)
  • 102-C, Aperture - C (0.022in.)
  • 102-D, Aperture - D (0.016in.)
  • 301-E, SuperSpray E Tip
(0.013in.) with back vent

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