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Amrex Portable Ultrasound Unit, U/50

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AMREX Portable Ultrasound Unit, U/50

The versatile SynchroSonic U/50 provides therapeutic ultrasound which may be applied separately or which may be combined with electrical stimulation simultaneously through the ultrasound transducer using an external electrical stimulator. The cable fault alarm system is an added feature of the U/50. This system will detect improper transducer cable connection and/or transducer cable damage. If such detection is made, an audible signal will alert the practitioner. Amrex offers two transducer sizes may be ordered with your choice of either the standard, small, or both size transducers. The smaller size transducer, with an approximate 1" diameter head is ideal for treating outer extremities. The small transducer features the Amrex QuickConnect system that enables the practitioner to quickly and easily replace the cable on site. The standard size transducer, with an approximate 2" diameter head, provides maximum coverage for stimulation therapy of larger areas. When ordering both transducers with your ultrasound equipment the QuickConnect system is included with your order.

*Federal law (USA) restricts Amrex electrotherapy instruments to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. If you are a licensed practitioner, please call us at 631-750 0938 with your license number. If you are not a licensed practitioner, you MUST provide your prescription either via email to or by fax to 631-750 0940.

Current - 1.0 A 30 Minute timer 0-20 Watts output Cable fault alarm system Transducer protection switch Line Voltage - 120 Vac, 60 Hz Carrying handle for portability Combination therapy capability 2 yr warranty, UL listed, CSA approved Lightweight transducer sealed for underwater therapy Overall Dimensions - 11" W x 11" D x 7" H

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