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Oakworks Spinal Positioning System and Pain Management Package OW-SPS

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Oakworks Spinal Positioning System and Pain Management Package , OW-SPS


� No metal (radiopaque) components are present under the spine- unobstructed visibility of the entire spine from C0-C1 to the coccyx with all imaging angles (AP, oblique and lateral). All radiopaque components are placed proximal to the forehead.
� Adjustment easily made to maximize opening and imaging of the cervico-thoracic junction.
� Secure and easy to use single locking face rest mechanism to adjust cervical fl exion, extension and height.
� Torso pad elevation under the chest allows for the shoulders to drop out of the plane of imaging when obtaining a lower cervical and upper thoracic lateral and oblique views.
� Adequate free space under open air face section for aeration, supplemental O2, jaw/face contact as necessary; prevents patient overheating and easy communication with the patient without sound muffl ing.
� Contoured torso support allows the shoulders to drop yet be adducted/slightly extended next to the body for comfort where they are also less likely to lose position/fall off the fl uoroscopic table.
� Current design obviates the need to pull the arms back to the side to obtain imaging of the cervico-thoracic junction; the more comfortable adducted and slightly extended position suffices.
� Adequate adjuster pads to maximize torso build up for larger frame patients.
� Not only for cervical cases; also useful for thoracic and lumbar cases.
� Comfortable for patients with cervical pain when longer duration thoracic and lumbar cases are performed.
� Softer foam under the breasts and shoulders for comfort; fi rmer central foam for enhanced stability.
� Wider and longer torso pad gives extra support resulting in less sway and improved patient comfort.
� Torso pad with abdominal recess for extra comfort and support.
� All prone positioning needs met with the SPS; no need for additional pillows.
� Very firm adjuster wedges prevent undue compression and loss of the original position.
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