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Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ Timer & Heat 2.5 Gal, P1200H-45

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Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ Timer & Heat 2.5 Gal, P1200H-45 Our exclusive ceramically enhanced transducers ensure uniform cleaning throughout the tank by sweeping the ultrasonic frequency 3 kHz, creating overlapping ultrasonic waves that provide more consistent cleaning. Ultrasonic energy introduced into a solution causes alternating patterns of low and high pressure phases. During the low pressure phase, bubbles or vacuum cavities form. In the subsequent high pressure phase, these bubbles implode violently. This is called cavitation. Cavitation provides an intense scrubbing action that leads to unsurpassed cleaning speed and consistency. Additionally, the bubbles are small enough to penetrate even microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently. As a result, ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective and efficient methods you can use for cleaning a wide array of parts, without abrasive contact materials on your part�s surface. Powersonic� Tabletops start cleaning � depending on the application � without additional cleaning agents. Powersonic� Tabletops clean even the smallest spaces that are inaccessible to normal cleaning tools for use in almost all industries:
  • Medical/dental/optical (instruments and components)
  • Laboratory (mixing, cell disruption, homogenization)
  • Veterinary (instrumentation)
  • Automotive/marine (carburetor/bearing parts, injectors)
  • Electronics (solder and flux residues on circuit boards and assemblies)
  • Air and filter technology (electrostatic air filters, oil filters, respirator masks, air conditioner parts, valves)
  • Mechanical engineering (machinery parts, valves, assemblies)
  • Food and beverage (valves, injectors and extrusion dies)
  • Body shops (nozzle and coating holders, parts and tools)
  • Weapons (maintenance and reconditioning)
  • Jewelry
Ceramically enhanced transducer technology
- Homogeneous sound field, energy distribution, and prevention of standing waves using frequency modulation (sweep)
  • 45 kHz and 132 kHz frequencies provide precision cleaning and rinsing options
  • Drain valve assembly available for tank capacities of 2.5 gallons and higher
  • Deep-drawn stainless steel cleaning tank with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Industrial bonded transducer assembly
  • Intrinsically safe heater with dry-run protection
  • Tank capacity up to 7 gallons
  • Digital power control of the ultrasonic generator provides consistent cleaning results regardless of tank temperature.
  • All models are ETL listed for UL/CSA/CE standards Units available in 115v
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Two (2) years manufacturers warranty
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